Aura Longsleeve Tee

What Nomads hemp wear says...

Is there anything more flattering than a cross front top? How about a cross front top in silky Hemp Lyocell? Top that is great for breastfeeding, and very flattering for all body types. Let your light shine!

Silky and lovely, we like the extra fabric on the cross over, it’s cozy and flattering. Cross over tops are also just so sexy on those of us gifted with more of everything up top.

Why did we make this cross top in hemp lyocell?

Because hemp is really the most magical of all sustainable fabrics. We love it so much we named our company after it! We help develop all our hemp fabrics and knits and have taken are so happy with the evolution of hemp from a linen-style, wrinkle fabric that would lose colour, to the sultry, silky, colour-staying, draping luxurious fabric we have today.


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