The magic of incense

The magic of incense - Oz Importations

There is something quite mystical about the aromatic smoke of burning incense, whether it is being used for meditation, prayer, spiritual practices, healing sessions...   or simply to enhance the ambiance in your own home.

It is fascinating how the sense of smell alone can have such an important impact on how we feel, and if some types of incense are used to help induce a relaxed state, others will enhance focus, stimulate creativity, or increase vitality.

Here are a few things to know about the magic of incense:

1- The word incense comes from the latin incedere wich means 'to burn'.

2- The use of incense can be traced back to ancient Egypt where priests would use it for fumigating ceremonies and tombs.

3- There are two forms of incense: direct burning, and indirect burning.

Indirect burning incense is actually a loose resin that requires a constant source of heat to burn, usually a lit charcoal tablet.


The second type, direct burning, is the most commonly used nowadays, and usually comes in the shape of cones, or coated onto a supporting material, usually a stick of bamboo.  

It is lit directly by a flame, and the glowing ember on the incense stick or cone will continue to smoulder and burn without any other external heat or flame.


For a great experience, we recommand choosing good quality incense made from plants, essential oils and other natural ingredients.  Good quality incense should always have a wonderful smell, and should never be suffocating. 

This said, some blends (even though natural) are very powerful and intense, and so perhaps opening a window while burning the incense will allow you to enjoy the most of your fragant smoke without discomfort.

So go ahead, lit a stick while you take a bath, meditate or study... And discover how such a simple gesture can become a comforting personal ritual of well-being.

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